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Trend topic Aden His said ‘let the battalion come’

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Aden His Sayan, who made a big impact with his new music ‘Battarum Come’, defines himself as a prolific musician.

İSTANBUL (İGFA) – Aden His Sayan’s new music and music video titled Taburu Gelsin, signed by Free Records, became a hot topic in a short time.

Aden His Sayan, a trending topic in the social media with his brave clip, said, “Love knows no boundaries. If we love and are loved no matter what, we must strive. It is worth all kinds of hardships. That’s why we said Let the Battalion Come, by challenging it with this kind of clip. After Sezen Aksu and Aysel Gürel, it’s expensive for me,” he said.

His Sayan, who started singing music at a young age in Izmir, graduated from Dokuz Eylul University Music Teaching. The musician has music such as the name of the brunette is Oya, I Forbid, Let It Go, Let Your Path Be Open.

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