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Travel warning statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tanju Bilgic, made a statement about israel issuing travel warnings for its citizens in Turkey.

Recalling that Israel has been issuing travel warnings for its citizens in Turkey in recent days, Bilgiç said, “The aforementioned warnings are thought to be related to developments and motivations between different countries. In fact, all necessary security measures are taken by our relevant authorities ‘ he stated. within the framework of our cooperation mechanisms regarding the effort against terrorism.

Emphasizing that Turkey is a country of faith and continues to deal with terrorism in the most effective way, with domestic and cross-border operations, Bilgiç noted that the successful results achieved in the fight against terrorism are clearly visible.

Bilgic continued:

“In this context, while our country continues its efforts against terrorism without discrimination in the midst of terrorist organizations, it also contributes to the security of the international community. Indeed, this issue is known and appreciated by the international community.”


The other day, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said, “There is already a real threat to Israelis going on vacation. It can happen to anyone.” He said that Israeli citizens could be kidnapped or killed.

Addressing the Israelis, Lapid said, “If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, cancel it” and asked his citizens in Turkey to return.

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