Business is booming.

Today, the insurance sector penetration rate in Turkey is only 2.2 percent.

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Efforts to enlarge and strengthen the insurance market and to spread the perception of insurance in the society are increasing. Impacts such as climate change, Covid-19 epidemic, economic crisis, digitalization and increasing competition are also accelerating the process. Here are the latest highlights:

– Aksigorta: The second cycle of the “Unique Insurance Academy” training project, which was put into practice last year, has begun. Uğur Gülen, General Manager of Aksigorta, reminded that the six-month trainings initiated in cooperation with Bilgi University contributed to the future and development of the sector stakeholders. Gülen said, “Last year, we provided nearly 20 trainings to nearly 9,000 participants. We are very pleased with this heavy interest shown.”

– TCIP: Natural Disaster Insurance Institution (DASK) Coordinator Erdal Turgut said that they will continue the “Lesson Shake Long Live Prevention” project carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education during the “Insurance Week” that will last until 27 May, and that they aim to reach 70 thousand primary school students.

– Quick Insurance: The first university activity after the epidemic was held in Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University Insurance Department with the title of “Insurance Works of the Future: Cyber ​​and Digital Insurances”. Reminding that hackers are attacked by hackers every 39 seconds, Maher Holding Insurance Cluster Leader Ahmet Yaşar said, “We have transferred our experiences in digitalization to the younger generations who will carry our branch forward.”

– Turkey Insurance: Trainings to Strengthen the Awareness of Insurance and Risk Management of Tradesmen (ESİB) project, the backbone of the economy came together with the tradesmen. Turkey Insurance Marketing Manager Gökay Bilici emphasized that these free trainings aim to convey what needs to be done in the event of damage in real form, and to develop the risk consciousness to take precautions before possible risks.

– Monopoli Insurance: “Risk Management Consultancy in Insurance” training started with the cooperation of Bahçeşehir University Always Training Center. Monopoli Insurance Senior Manager Erol Esentürk said, “With this certificate program, we aim to teach insurance students how to become a risk management consultant of the new age and the changing world system, while aiming to bring qualified professionals to agency business.”


According to the “Global Trade Survey, 2022” organized by AllianzTrade, the rate of companies prepared for turnover loss has increased from 6 percent before the invasion of Ukraine to 22 percent today. Chemistry, power, utilities and machinery are at the forefront of the sectors where the risk is increasing.

Again, according to the results of the survey, more than 40 percent of European exporters expect payment terms to increase after the occupation of Ukraine, and more than half foresee an increased risk of not getting paid in the next 6 to 12 months.


Reminding that the damage caused by natural disasters caused by the climate crisis in the world last year was 280 billion dollars, IBS Senior Manager Murat Çiftçi said, “It is now a candidate to be the hottest summer every year. Events such as drought, desertification, sandstorms, forest fires and floods will increase. Agricultural insurance will become a necessity due to these disasters,” he said. The farmer also stated that catastrophe bonds for loss premiums, which increase every year due to natural disasters, should become widespread.


It has been announced that Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik will contribute to the nature education studies carried out by the TEMA Foundation with the aim of cracking the ecological literacy skills of secondary and high school students for children included in the BES with its “BES for My Child” work.


– Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance Murat Vakit, in his speech at the 11th Insurance Week yesterday, said, “We are taking firm steps towards making our country an international subsidiary insurance center”.

– It has been announced that Stellantis Turkey continues to expand its collaborations on the “branded motor insurance” product. Stellantis Turkey Modules and Services General Manager Mehmet Akın stated that Eureko Sigorta has been added to this list.

– With a new statement of SEDDK, the discount included in the essential earthquake insurance and covering the period 1/1/2021-31/12/2022 has been removed. The regulation will be applied to policies whose issue date is June 1, 2022 and later.

– “Here is Our Story!” It was announced that he wrote a story book under his name. The illustrations in the book, which aims to strengthen the awareness of the environment, are about Değer Ergöçen.

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