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Threads produced from pet bottles attracted attention

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Being a role model for the department with its innovative works and analyzes for a sustainable future, Korteks, one of the companies in the Violent Weaving Cluster, drew attention with its polyester yarns produced from pet bottles, exhibited at the Hometex Fair held at the Istanbul Expo Center, where the world’s leading weaving companies participated.

BURSA (IGFA) – Korteks attended the Hometex 2022 Fair. The cortex became one of the most visited stands of the fair with the works it exhibited.

Korteks introduced polyester yarns produced from plastic bottles to the participants at the Hometex Fair, which was held at the Istanbul Expo Center in the middle of May 17-21.

Korteks, which broke new ground in Europe and Turkey with the Polymer Recycling Facility commissioned with an investment of 10 million dollars in line with the Smart Life 2030 strategy, which makes the sustainability a way of doing business of the Violent Group, produces polyester from 0 plastic bottles at this facility. threads attracted great interest from the visitors.

The company, which produces with zero production waste at the Cortex virgin PES yarn facility, with the yarn obtained from the recycled bottles in the Polymer Recycling Facility, which has a monthly production capacity of 600 tons in a total closed area of ​​17 thousand square meters, offers a wide range of products produced with an environmentally friendly production technique. It became one of the most visited stands at the fair with its range.

Korteks presented TAÇ UV Resistant, Automotive Yarns, DRY TOUCH®, Recycle and different touch yarns with many functional features to the visitors at Hometex Fair.

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