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This week’s guest of ‘Against Waste’ is UEDAŞ General Manager Gökay Fatih Danacı.

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IGF News Agency News Coordinator and columnist Mehmet Çetinkaya is a guest on the screen with a different content on the Line Tv channel, which has a significant audience potential throughout Turkey.

BURSA (IGFA) – With its rich broadcast content, the ‘Against Waste’ program, broadcast every week on Line TV, one of the local television channels that has been broadcasting terrestrial and satellite for 16 years, continues to set the agenda with its new guests.

Prepared with a different content called ‘Against Waste’, the program is screened with the presentation of journalist Mehmet Çetinkaya.

Mehmet Çetinkaya, who gave information about the program in which the emphasis is placed on ‘Waste’ from all sides, in today’s world where loss and waste are increasing every year, expressed his satisfaction that they will act as an intermediary in raising awareness.


Journalist Çetinkaya stated that the main aim through the program is to minimize the loss and waste of today, “When we say waste, only food waste comes to mind. However, we will deal with the issue of waste from all sides in this program. In local administrations, in the press, in sports, in education, in agriculture, in water, We will evaluate the waste in construction, time, power, music and religious bets. individuals but also societies. Our wishes and desires are unlimited but resources are finite. We will be guests of you every Wednesday evening through Line TV. We are waiting for you too.”


Mehmet Çetinkaya’s guest will be UEDAŞ General Manager Gökay Fatih Danacı this week. Danacı will share his experiences and views on the topics of ‘Renewable Energy’, ‘Energy Savings’ and ‘Energy Investments’ on Line TV at 20.00 today.

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