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Things have come to a standstill in Hatay HATSU!.. “We were disposed of below the costs”

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Hatay Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of Water and Sewerage Management (HATSU) General Delegation convened 3 times to discuss the 2022 price tariff issue again. The price tariff requested so that HATSU would not be crushed by the increases and could serve was rejected by the People’s Alliance.

HATAY (IGFA) – General Manager of HATSU, Muhammed İkbal Polat, informed the council members by drawing attention to the increases in infrastructure equipment such as electricity, fuel oil, iron, cement, drinking water-waste water pipes.

Emphasizing that the fee schedule has become a critical issue for HATSU and that the work at HATSU has come to a standstill, General Manager Polat said, “We are not in a position to afford the current costs. The current costs are electricity, fuel, workers and another increase is expected in July to the minimum price. There has been a 25% increase in electricity and another increase is said to be coming. Despite all these costs, we still supply water below the unit price of 2021”.


Pointing out that the unit water price in residences was 5.08 TL before the discount decision taken in November, it reached 4.88 TL with the decision taken at the General Council in May, General Manager Polat gave the following words:

“We are still supplying water to our citizens at a lower price than the unit price of 2021. When we look at the costs, there is a change in the middle of almost 3 to 4 times between 2021 and today. Currently, we have 373 million debts that have accumulated in 6 months and are past due. This includes electricity, electricity, There are Surrounding Tax, Social Security Institution, tax debts and restructured debts. We are an enterprise that offers the most basic need of the people to the public . If there is no income-expenditure stability in this enterprise, you have no chance to continue this business. Currently, our monthly income as HATSU is 40 million TL But when we look at the consumption, when we add the fixed expenses and the previously transferred debts, our monthly expense is around 110 million TL”.


“It is very sad to say this, but we cannot pay our electricity bill right now,” said Muhabbet İkbal Polat, “We cannot say that HATSU is being crushed under these costs at the moment. “HATSU is not sinking. he spoke.

Stating that as HATSU, they have taken the necessary saving measures, Polat said, “While we are trying to do our best to provide this grassroots service, we no longer have the chance to continue this with these increasing costs. We have 593 neighborhoods, 593 neighborhood headmen have a shortcoming, nowhere is complete. To provide service to all sides. “We have to act comfortably here, neither as the executive nor as members of the council. You are also in the field, and you are in direct contact with our mukhtars. We demand you to find an analysis by evaluating this situation as a supra-political situation,” he said.

In the vote held after the speeches, the People’s Alliance rejected the demand for an increase in the amount of water transmission cost and accepted that HATSU would be crushed under the current costs and become unable to serve.

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