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There are 22 thousand people waiting for kidney transplant

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Turkish Kidney Foundation Leader Timur Erk stated that 22 thousand of 62 thousand dialysis patients in Turkey are waiting for kidney transplantation, “Turkish people, who are generous in everything, are stingy in organ donation. This is an important problem . We need to create an important sensitivity about the donor.” said.

Erk said that kidney disease is an “insidious disease” that manifests itself in the last stage.

Explaining that salt and sugar are the most valuable factors affecting and triggering kidney disease, Erk stated that Turkey is at the forefront of their consumption.

Erk, who stated that they have organized trainings for teachers and students in 32 provinces so far to draw attention to healthy nutrition through the use of salt and sugar, explained that these trainings continue.

Timur Erk stated that there are 62 thousand dialysis patients in Turkey and 22 thousand of them are waiting for transplantation, and that there is a decrease in transplantations during the Kovid-19 epidemic.


Stating that the number of transplants was 3 thousand 863 per year before Covid-19, Erk continued as follows:

“3 thousand 863 transplants are a little low. Of this, 22 percent were transplants from cadavers, 78 percent of which were transplants from relatives. During the pandemic, tests could not be carried out due to neglect and some uneasiness , and the number of kidney transplants decreased. Hopefully, there will be a backlog related to transplantation. “The problem is that the number of transplants from cadavers is low. We need to create significant sensitivity about the donor. There are 22 thousand waiting for transplants. Is 3 thousand transplants enough? It is not enough. We need to increase this to 5 thousand.”


Giving examples from countries where good practices regarding cadaver transplants are carried out, Erk said:

“Organ transplant coordinators in Spain, the first in organ transplantation, did this job. he does it as his primary profession.So there was a traffic accident, they work with the law enforcement officers and they take care of the issue quickly as soon as the ambulance arrives.On the one hand, they organize the doctors who will decide on brain death for organ transplantation, on the other hand, they go to the family and suggest that organ donation is a decent thing. “They are trying to explain that they are successful in the race against the clock. There is no such situation in Turkey. Organ transplant coordinators are a secondary profession in Turkey. There is also the Belgian model. If a person in good health donates their organs, approval is not received from the family.”

Erk stated that they will continue their efforts to create sensitivity in the society in order to increase the number of donors in Turkey, and that they expect reinforcements from all concerned in this regard.

Pointing out that obesity has started to increase in Turkey due to unhealthy diet, Erk advised avoiding ready-made foods, active life and consuming plenty of water to prevent diseases.

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