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The world’s largest flag was unveiled in Kütahya

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KÜTAHYA (İGFA) – The name of Kütahya was announced once again in Turkey and in the world, with the 3743-meter-long Turkish Flag unveiled in the celebrations of the August 30 Victory Day. Adil Emsem, the leader of the European Federation of Kütahyali, who played a valuable role in the preparation of the flag, and the Mayor of the Municipality Prof. Dr. He visited Alim Işık in his office and thanked him for the reinforcement he gave.

In his speech, Chairman Işık stated that the President came to the city as part of the Victory Week activities and made a mass opening and that Zafer Square was included in this list. Leader Işık said, “On August 30, the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Kütahya from the enemy occupation and the Great Victory, our Victory Square was actually opened with night celebrations with the participation of all our citizens. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. Many activities were carried out by our public institutions and organizations and NGOs in a way that befits our city. In this 100th year, another event that will be recorded as a note in history was held. In this, the European Kütahyan Federation, of which our citizens from Kütahya living in Europe are members, played a very valuable role.

Our federation prepared the 3743 meters long and 1 meter wide Turkish Flag with the contributions of our fellow citizens and delivered it to our university. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary, that flag was unfurled in the lands where the victory took place within the framework of the Victory Week celebrations. Thus, a note was made in history. I would also like to thank our federation leader Mr. Adil Emsem, who undertook the burden of this work, the members of the board of directors and my fellow citizens from Kütahya in Europe who contributed materially and morally.”

Adil Emsem, the leader of the European Federation of Kütahyans, said, “We, as the German Federation of Kütahyans, have had the honor and pride of unfurling the tallest flag of the world at 3743 meters in our work, which we carried out with the aim of paying our debt of loyalty to our martyrs on the 100th anniversary of the Great Attack, which was written in golden letters in world history. I would like to thank those who contributed and our Municipality Leader for their reinforcements.”

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