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The Washington Post: FBI found a document containing foreign nuclear secrets at Trump’s residence

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In the newspaper’s report, “Some of the seized documents describe so closely closed US operations that many high-level national security officials are not informed about them. Only some members of the US cabinet or close to the cabinet do not know the details of these special access programs to other government officials. authorize,” he said.

However, the name of the country whose defense and nuclear capabilities were mentioned in the news was not given.

On the other hand, according to the newspaper, only one permission is not enough for such documents, it also requires special permissions on the basis of things to know.

The Washington Post claimed that the FBI found a document containing nuclear secrets relating to a foreign country at Trump’s residence.


In early August, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida was searched by the FBI. Trump called the incident an unprecedented “attack” and accused his political opponents of weaponizing the justice system. But according to those who criticize Trump, it is a unique situation for the former leader of the USA to take with him deep documents after leaving the White House.

More than 100 implied records were seized at Trump’s residence, including some material marked with the highest classification, according to a court document shared with the press by the Justice Department.


As part of a joint investigation by the Department of Justice and the FBI, the FBI suspected that Trump had illegally kept documents that he had to give to the National Archives at his residence in Florida. A detailed search was drawn up, explaining the warrants. Attorney General Merrick Garland personally endorsed this decision, and the FBI appealed to a federal court in Florida. The judge upheld the warrant, and the FBI subsequently raided Trump’s Florida mansion on August 8.

As a result of the search, the FBI seized 10 boxes of documents, entered Trump’s private safe, even searched Melania Trump’s lockers. According to The Washington Post’s thesis, the FBI’s search warrant specifically concerned implied nuclear weapons documents that Trump had brought home from the White House. According to the decisions of the US Supreme Court, if the security forces detect the evidence of the other crime at first glance, as a result of a lawful order, they can also confiscate this evidence and expand the scope of the investigation. Thus, the evidence the FBI seized is not just about Trump’s argument that he committed the error of hiding documents, but can be attributed to a wide list of misdemeanors, from tax evasion to election meddling.

A view from Trump’s Florida summer residence.


The search warrant was issued on 12 August by court order. According to this decision, Trump is charged with violating at least 3 federal articles of incarceration, including the document confidentiality orders in the Espionage Act. The list of documents obtained by the FBI includes a document about French President Emmanuel Macron and 11 boxes of documents labeled “confidential information”.

Only a week before Trump’s residence was searched, “Photos thought to have been taken by Trump employees or family members”, which New York Times writer Maggie Haberman included in every upcoming book, may also be within the scope of the investigation. According to the photos shared by Haberman, Trump tore up the documents he organized once in the White House and once on the presidential plane, throw them into the toilet and flush them and destroy them. If it is proven that Trump destroyed federal documents that were supposed to be kept, the punishment would be severe.

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