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The Wall Street Journal wrote: Erdogan’s ambition is to increase ties with Biden

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While the “Sweden-Finland tension” in the NATO alliance with Turkey continued, US officials speaking to the American media made remarkable thesis.

The news in the Wall Street Journal, one of the country’s respected newspapers, said, “The decision on the NATO membership of Finland and Sweden, which are candidates for one of the most dramatic transformations in European security politics in recent years, is now made by one man: Turkish President Erdogan. Erdogan’s blocking of his decision to open NATO doors to the two countries opened the door to a complex negotiation amid his Western allies and the Turkish government. Turkish and US officials announced that the issue that Erdogan is uncomfortable with is the Kurdish terrorist organizations in these countries.

Noting that the demands on this issue have been on the agenda in the past, some officials said it was expensive for Erdogan to bring this issue back to the agenda last week.


Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, three US officials said, “Turkey is trying to get a concession from Washington by using this position. In the midst of these, there are more frequent meetings with Leader Biden with the sale of new F-16 warplanes. “That includes a potential phone call,” he said.

According to the news in Sözcü, US officials, speaking to the Wall Street Journal, pointing out that despite the Turkish diplomats’ statements to resolve this issue within the framework of diplomacy, Erdogan’s words became harsher and said, “We are confident that the Western countries will persuade Turkey. Western authorities are under pressure to address this issue ahead of the NATO Summit, scheduled for the end of June. Even if the problem is resolved before the climax, the membership process will take weeks or months.”

On the other hand, the one-to-one article stated, “Erdogan is also under pressure due to the economic crisis that threatens his power in Turkey and the elections planned for next year.”

In the article, it was stated that Finland secondary damage, while reminding that Ankara made very few arguments about Finland and focused on Sweden on the contrary.

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