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The ‘Trust’ of the Coasts opens its doors to Bursa residents in Mudanya

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As part of the 100th Anniversary celebration activities of the August 30 Victory Day, one of the 4 large search and rescue vessels, “TCSG Güven”, will anchor at Bursa’s Mudanya Pier.

BURSA (IGFA) – The large corvette of the Coast Guard Command opens in Bursa Mudanya as part of the August 30 Victory Day celebrations.

One of the 4 large search and rescue vessels with a length of 88.60 meters and a width of 12.20 meters, the ship named “TCSG Güven”, side number 702, is coming to Mudanya.

In the statement made by the Mudanya District Governorship, it was reported that the ship will anchor at BUDO Pier at the entrance of Mudanya district on Saturday, 27 August. It was noted that the military officials will provide information about the activities and the characteristics of the ship to the guests who come to visit the ship, which is open to the visitors of Bursa citizens in the middle of 10.00-18.00.

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