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The tower in Kayseri Şeker will catch up before the campaign

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Hüseyin Akay, Leader of the Kayseri Beet Growers Cooperative Management Council, said that the cooling tower, which became completely unusable in the fire that broke out the previous day in Kayseri Şeker, will catch up before the campaign. Leader Akay; Work has begun on the renovation of the cooling tower. A more comprehensive and larger cooling tower will be brought to Kayseri Şeker before the campaign,’ he said.

The fire that broke out in the Kayseri Şeker cooling tower yesterday was extinguished as a result of the heavy efforts and efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality firefighters, especially the Kayseri Şeker fire department.

A sacrifice was made in the area where work was started for the construction of a new cooling tower, which became unusable after the fire.

Making statements before the sacrifice section and prayer, Kayseri Beet Growers Cooperative Management Council Leader Hüseyin Akay said that the new tower will be built quickly.

Pointing out that the absence of injury and loss of life in the fire is extremely pleasing and a source of great consolation, Lider Akay said:

First of all, congratulations to the Kayseri Sugar Family. It was a big accident. Is there anything to be thankful for in the fire? That there were no injuries or loss of life. The cooling tower, with heavy plastic and wood elements, caught fire with sparks and was caught in the middle of the flames. There are predictions after the first examination that the fire may have originated from the source or electrical contact. The cause of the fire will be clarified when the fire brigade report comes out.

Our relevant managers quickly started work for the construction of the new Cooling Tower. We will enter the campaign period in a trouble-free form by building a larger, more comprehensive cooling tower before the campaign.

I would like to thank our Kayseri Şeker fire brigade group and the Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade groups for their hard work in extinguishing the fire. May my Lord not give loss to Kayseri Şeker. This distinguished establishment of Turkey will always stand tall and continue its existence. We will always carry Kayseri Sugar forward together by holding on to our work in unity and solidarity, by making an effort.

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