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The second of the brothers, who carried out one of the biggest massacres in Canadian history, also died.

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It has been announced that the fugitive Myles Sanderson, one of the Sanderson brothers who carried out one of the biggest massacres in Canadian history, died. Sanderson, 32, had been wanted by the police for 4 days.

The fugitive brother was reported to be in a white pickup truck near Rosthern, Saskatchewan. The police warned the residents of the city to stay at home. After a while, a chase started in the middle of the attacker and the police.

The police jammed the attacker’s vehicle outside the city.


Police hit Sanderson’s car outside the city and drove it off the road. The attacker was subsequently caught and handcuffed. After a while, news came that the attacker had deteriorated and died.

Some time before this news, there were news in the Canadian media that Sanderson had committed suicide. This confusing situation was also asked to the Canadian police deputy commissioner.

“He was the only person in the vehicle when he was caught. After a while he started to get sick. I cannot say anything definite about the cause of the death, it will be revealed as a result of the autopsy,” he said.

It turned out that Myles Sanders was convicted of 59 misdemeanors.

He had a criminal record of 59

Myles Sanderson, on the other hand, has a large body of bugs. According to the parole documents, Sanderson was convicted of 59 misdemeanors.

However, it turned out that the attacker, who was imprisoned for 4 years, was released last February. This situation was met with a reaction by Canadians. Canadian authorities are still investigating why the attacker remained free.


On the other hand, Myles and Damien Sanderson brothers organized a knife attack at 13 different locations in the state of Saskatchewan last Sunday. In these raids, 10 people were killed and 18 people were injured. While 10 of the injured are still being treated at the hospital, 3 people’s lives are still in danger.

During the search, Damien Sanderson’s body was found and stab wounds were found on his body. There is also the possibility that Damien was killed by Myles.

The previous day, the mother of the attackers spoke to the American CBC News channel, “I apologize to everyone who was hurt and affected by this terrible situation.”

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