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The remarkable surprise in Kayseri Talas

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Talas Nation’s Garden Education Campus Türkan-Av. The surprise of Talas Municipality Leader Mustafa Yalçın marked the groundbreaking ceremony of Mehmet Altun Kindergarten and Primary School. The organization of Leader Yalçın, who brought the students who graduated from the primary school that Mehmet Altun had built in Hakkari Yüksekova in 2014, together with his wife Türkan Altun, to Kayseri with their school principals, was greatly appreciated.

What happened in the ceremony held last Friday for the kindergarten and primary school, which will be produced within the scope of the Nation’s Garden Education Campus, left a mark in the memories.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, which was held with the participation of Kayseri Governor Gökmen Çiçek and AK Party Deputy General Leader Mehmet Özhaseki, the surprise of Leader Yalçın was discussed the most. hunting. The most talked about and touching topic of the weekend was that a group of students and school principals who graduated from primary school, which Mehmet Altun had built in Yüksekova district of Hakkari years ago, came to Kayseri from a distance of 1,50 km as the special guest of Leader Yalçın and attended the ceremony.


Following the publication of the image, which includes sections from his life story, at the ceremony, Atty. A surprise awaited Mehmet Altun. Seeing a group of students graduating from the school that the Altun couple had built in Hakkari Yüksekova in 2014, Atty. Mehmet Altun and his wife Türkan Altun had emotional moments. The Altun couple, who were touched by the kissing of the children’s hands, could not hide their surprise when they saw the students in front of them.


Zehra Gezen, who took the microphone on behalf of the students, addressed the Altun couple as “mother and father” and said, “My dear elders. We continue our education in high schools in Yüksekova district of Hakkari province. It was built by our philanthropist Mehmet Altun father in the İpek District of our district. We completed our education at Mehmet Altun Primary School. We are currently studying at different high schools in our district and we are making an effort to be in the middle of our country’s distinguished individuals who think and analyze with our plans for the future. Our gratitude to our dear father Mehmet Altun, who brought us the school where we completed our primary education, and to our mother Türkan Altun, who came to Yüksekova and decided to produce our school, will go on for a lifetime. We brought greetings from our teachers and students in Yüksekova”.


Afterwards, the students were presented with a pair of hand-knitted socks and the famous Hakkari honey by the School Principal Nurettin Akdoğan.


While the gifts pleased the Altun couple, Governor Gökmen Çiçek and AK Party Deputy General Leader Mehmet Özhaseki and those who attended the ceremony appreciated the pleasant surprise.

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