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The practice of removing terrorist content from the internet within 1 hour has begun in the EU

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According to the application put into law by the European Union (EU), upon the request of member states, terrorist content posts on the internet will be removed within 1 hour.

According to the regulation adopted last year, the sharing of photos, images, texts, and audio on the internet is defined by the competent authority of an EU country as “contributing to or contributing to the process of terrorist crimes, participating in the activities of a terrorist group, glorifying terrorist activities, advocating or hurting terrorist crimes.” “If it is considered as content and requested to be removed, it will have to be deleted within 1 hour or all access will be blocked.

Failure to comply will result in proportional penalties, taking into account the size of the platform. Financial penalties can be up to 4 percent of the platform’s turnover.

In addition to removing the content of terrorism, the legal regulation aims to prevent the spread of terrorist organizations’ propaganda, the manipulation of terrorist activities, radicalization and the recruitment of personnel by organizations.

The EU Committee started to prepare the legal regulation after the terrorist attacks in some EU countries in recent years. Platforms that offer services over the internet in the EU and member states have one year to comply with the legal process. Live broadcasts of terrorist mistakes or activities that may lead to crime can also be counted in the middle of this type of content.


In the requests to remove content by the “authorized authorities” of EU countries, the relationship will need to be clearly stated and the reason why the content requested to be removed will be considered as terrorist content will need to be explained in detail.

In case of sharing terrorist content on the internet platforms, it will be demanded to take very fast measures. These measures will be required to defend fundamental rights, especially freedom of expression.

Both EU countries and internet platforms will prepare annual transparent reports on removed content. The content that has been removed by mistake will also be reloaded quickly.

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