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The occupancy rate of the dams that meet the water of Istanbul is 49.42 percent.

The occupancy rate of Kazandere and Pabuçdere dams in the Vize district of Kırklareli, which meets the water needs of Istanbul from Thrace, fell below 5 percent in January. According to the data on the website of the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (İSKİ), the occupancy rate was 4.74 percent in Kazandere, 4.77 percent in Pabuçdere and 37.07 percent in Istrancalar on January 11. After the rains that have been effective for the last 2 months, the occupancy rate of the dams has increased. As of today, the occupancy rate has increased to 20.28 percent in Kazandere and 14.76 percent in Pabuçdere; It decreased to 30.78 percent in Istrancalar. The occupancy rate of 10 dams that meet the water needs of Istanbul increased from 31.45 percent to 49.42 percent.


Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Faculty of Agriculture Biosystem Engineering Department of Land and Water Resources Lecturer, who stated that the last rains relieved the agricultural area and increased the occupancy rate in the dams. Dr. Halim Orta said, “We have experienced a very serious meteorological drought, agricultural drought, hydrological drought in the 5 months from the water year that started on October 1, 2022 to the end of February. However, the rains we received in March and April relieved the farmers seriously and also had an effect on the hydrological drought. Therefore, these values ​​significantly increased the water levels in the dams from above-ground sources. For example, the occupancy rates of the dams that currently supply Istanbul’s water are around 50 percent. However, this is the lowest value we have experienced in the last 10 years after 2014. 2014′ “We had values ​​close to and below this,” he said.

As of May 12, 2023, the occupancy rates of the dams are as follows:

* Omerli: 79.14

* Narrowness: 65.23

* With Apple: 45.42

* Terkos: 40.36

* Alibey: 25.37

* Büyükçekmece: 34.14

* Sazlidere: 33.26

* Strands: 30.78

* Kazandere: 20.28

* Pabuçdere: 14.75

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