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The number of Ukrainian refugees in the European Union reaches 6.3 million

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Frontex, the border defense agency of the European Union (EU), announced that the number of Ukrainians who left their countries after the Russian attack and entered the EU countries reached 6.3 million. According to the statement made by Frontex, Ukrainians came from Moldova as well as their own country and entered EU countries.

Most Ukrainians came to Poland. It was stated that there are 3.4 million Ukrainians in Poland, 1.8 million from other neighboring countries to Romania, 650 thousand to Hungary, 420 thousand to Slovakia. It was recorded that an average of 32 thousand Ukrainians passed through the ends and entered the EU countries per day.

There has been an increase in the number of people entering Ukraine in recent days. Since the start of the war in February, 2 million people have entered the country. Half of them were Ukrainian citizens.

Citizens of Ukraine can enter EU countries without a visa.

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