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The number of terrorists neutralized after the mortar attack rose to 21

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The Ministry of National Defense (MSB) announced that 21 terrorists were neutralized as a result of “punishment shots” following the terrorist organization PKK/YPG’s attack on Karkamış district and Köprübati Border Post.

In the statement made on the Twitter account of the MSB, it was said:

“The number of terrorists neutralized as a result of the legal defense and punishment shots launched after the treacherous raid on Karkamış district and Köprübatı Border Post has increased to 21. Punishment shots continue.

The blood of our martyr has not been left on the ground, it will not be left. Every attempt against the peace and security of our nation is being responded to in kind. Efforts will continue until the last terrorist is neutralized.”
Hibya News Agency

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