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The number of patients with hypertension has doubled in 30 years

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Worldwide, the number of people living with hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, which significantly increases the risks of heart, brain, kidney and other diseases, has doubled in 30 years to reach 1.28 billion.

According to the information of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the period 1990-2019, more than 700 million of the hypertension patients, which doubled in 30 years and reached 1.28 billion, were not treated.

In the study published by WHO and conducted by Imperial College London, it is stated that the number of hypertension patients between the ages of 30-79 increased from 650 million to 1.28 billion in 30 years.

Hypertension, which is one of the most valuable causes of death and disease worldwide, can be detected by blood pressure measurement and its treatment can often be provided with low-cost drugs.

In the study, it is mentioned that while the rate of the disease decreases in high-income countries, it increases in low- or middle-income countries.

Canada, Peru and Switzerland are the countries with the lowest rates of hypertension patients in the world, while the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Paraguay have the highest rates in females; in males it is seen in Hungary, Paraguay and Poland.

Although the number of people with hypertension has increased, little change has been recorded in the percentage of people with hypertension in the general population due to population growth and aging.


The study found that 580 million people with the disease were unaware of their condition because they were not diagnosed; showed that more than half (720 million) of people with hypertension do not have access to the treatment they need.

Less than half (42 percent) of adults with hypertension were diagnosed and treated, while 1 in 5 adults with the disease (21 percent) were able to control it.

While the countries where hypertension is effectively treated are Canada, Iceland and South Korea, it was stated that patients in sub-Saharan Africa, the middle, south and southeast regions of Asia and the Pacific Island countries have difficulty in reaching treatment.

It was mentioned that there is a global inequality in the treatment possibilities of the disease due to regional differences in the treatment possibilities of hypertension.


According to the research published in the medical journal ‘The Lancet’, it was determined that hypertension damages the brain in the 30s and 40s.

It was stated that the appearance of the disease in middle age may cause damage to the blood vessels and shrinkage of the brain that occurs later.

Experts say that hypertension seen in this period accelerates brain damage.

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