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The newspaper close to the government announced the 3600 additional indicator as ‘A 43 thousand TL increase in salary and bonuses is on the way’

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According to the news of Hazal Ateş from Sabah newspaper, which is known for its closeness to the government, with the change to be made, millions of civil servants will receive an increase with the “reflection rate” formula for the additional indicator for the pensioner . A reflection rate of 60 points will increase the gross salary by 1450 lira. The bonus of the 30-year civil servant will be 43,500 liras more. There will be no civil servants without an indicator.

Memur-Sen Deputy General Leader Hacı Bayram Tombul pointed out that there will be an average increase of 1450 lira in gross monthly, with an increase in the reflection rate of 60 points in the additional indicator compared to the study they shared with the government. “It reaches 53 thousand liras. This can be achieved by increasing the compensation reflection rates for those whose pension and bonus do not change even though the additional indicator increases. The way to make everyone happy, by adjusting both the additional indicators and the compensation projection rates, everyone’s pension and bonus can be increased and expectations can be met,” he said.

Vedat Alım, Minister of Labor and Social Security, announced that they would complete the analysis of the additional indicator shortage, in which the latest regulations were made, by the end of this month.


While correcting unstable additional indicators in titles, managers, lawyers, technical service, general management class, worker with no indicator will also be taken into account. 600-800 points will be added to professions, branch managers and department leaders will receive indicators according to the hierarchy. If the additional indicator rises from 2200 to 3600, the bonus, pensions will increase by about 25 percent.

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