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The newspaper close to the government announced: 3 formulas for an additional increase for retired and civil servants are on the table

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4 million civil servants and 13 million retirees are waiting for the increase to be made in July.

For increases to be determined by the inflation difference, different formulas are also coming up in terms of additional increase. With the June inflation, which will be announced on July 4, the 6-month rate will be revealed.

According to the news of Faruk Erdem from Sabah newspaper, which is known for its closeness to the government, there are 3 formulas on the table for increasing the salary of civil servants and retirees.


Apart from the increase in inflation and collective bargaining, a social welfare basis is also on the agenda, an example of the additional increase made in January for retirees and civil servants . Compared to this, three formulas stand out. First of all, increasing the base salary of SSK and Bağ-Kur retirees, which was increased to 2,500 TL in January, remains a formula.

Apart from this, it is also considered to make an increase for all retirees again. According to another formula, the increase in the collective agreement of 7 percent determined for civil servants and civil servant retirees. As these formulas can be applied separately, they can all come to the fore at the same time.

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