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The new headman’s office in Bursa Osmangazi Demirtaş Sakarya District

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Osmangazi Municipality is preparing to bring a new and modern headman building to Demirtaş Sakarya District, which is one of the contemporary and planned development areas of the district.

BURSA İGFA- Osmangazi Municipality continues its efforts to improve the working conditions of the muhtars, the extreme gentlemen of democracy, and to ensure that they serve the public in the best possible way. Osmangazi Municipality, which has brought a new and modern ‘Type’ headman building to many neighborhoods in the district, has started work to bring a brand new headman building to Demirtaş Sakarya Mahallesi. After the revision of the zoning plans, the mukhtar’s office, which was built as a single floor in Demirtaş Sakarya Neighborhood, which is the fastest developing region of Bursa with its contemporary and planned construction, will include a headman’s office, kitchen, toilet and storage area Plumbing works continue in the headman’s office, whose rough construction has been completed.

Osmangazi Municipality Leader Mustafa Dundar stated that they have renovated many mukhtars’ buildings to improve the working rules of the mukhtars, who are their representatives in the neighborhoods, and said, “We are building new ones in place of the old and unusable mukhtars.Our mukhtars, who help us at the point of analysis while identifying the issues of our citizens and conveying them to us, are our most valuable colleagues. in a sense, to analyze the problems of our citizens on the spot and quickly. From the first day we came to the mission, we have been very sensitive in this regard and we have provided a service building to all of our mukhtars who do not

Leader Dündar stated that the last link of the modern and useful ‘Type’ mukhtars they started in Osmangazi was Demirtaş Sakarya Neighborhood Headman.

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