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The new foundation in health tourism excited

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Trade Minister Dr. Mehmet Muş’s statement that they will increase their health service export revenues to 5 billion dollars with the effect of the new support systems, Turkish Health Tourism Association (TÜSATDER) Board Leader Dr. Reinforcements came from Servet Terziler.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – Turkish Health Tourism Association (TÜSATDER) Administrative Council Leader Dr. Servet Terziler, Minister of Trade Dr. He evaluated the supplements ‘Health Service Exports 5.0’, which was announced by Mehmet Muş and included in the middle of an internet portal called ‘Heal in Turkey’, under 6 headings.

Stating that new supplements, designed with a holistic and rational approach, are very valuable for the department, Tailors stated that it has become a very valuable brand in health tourism with its quality services and affordable prices compared to other countries. “We observe that the countries of those who come for tourism have changed significantly. Turkey has now become the country most preferred by Europeans. We need to increase our brand strength that we have achieved in health and increase our value-added services.” said she.


Explaining that Turkey’s health service exports are increasing rapidly and an income of over 3 billion dollars is expected this year, Tailors pointed out that almost half of this number comes from hair transplant services.

Noting that Turkey is the world’s number 1 country in hair transplantation and Istanbul is the capital of hair transplantation, Tailors said, “An average of 2 thousand hair transplantations are performed in Turkey per day. They come to our country from all over the world, especially from Europeans. If we continue on our way with correct steps. As our Minister said, we can reach 5 billion dollars in a short time. In this sense, I find the new reinforcement package prepared by the Ministry very valuable and worthwhile.”


As it will be remembered, the ‘Health Service Exports 5.0’ supplements, designed by the Ministry of Commerce for a sustainable health service export increase, consist of 6 main headings.

The first of these is complication and travel, health insurance supplement, the second is employment basis, the third is vocational training and foreign language basis, and the fourth is work placement basis. While the sports segment will be included in the scope of the fifth, the sixth and final supplement will be the ‘Heal in Turkey’ portal. The portal of the word

It will have a slogan and a destination brand that Turkey can use in the export of health services in the world, and will also contribute to the promotion at the same time.

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