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The mystery of the “Golden Car” has been solved

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It was announced that the “Golden Car”, which is used in the opening ceremonies of the legislative year of the parliament in the Netherlands every year, was made with gold brought from the country’s former colony, Suriname.

In the statement of the Netherlands Institute for the Conservation of Artworks (NICAS), it was stated that the long-explored secret of the source of the gold in the car has been solved.

yield, the “Golden Car”, which was presented to Queen Wilhelmina by the people of Amsterdam in 1898, was made with gold brought from the former colonial Suriname.

According to the results of the joint study of the Amsterdam Museum by the Vrije Amsterdam University, NICAS and the Center for Natural Biodiversity, it was understood that the gold of the vehicle used in the opening ceremonies of the legislative year of the parliament every year came from Suriname.

In the statement, the curator of the Amsterdam Museum Annemarie de Wildt, where the “Golden Car” is exhibited, said, “The car contained an item from every module of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but neither the origin of the gold was known , nor which part was added to the car from Suriname. This is a question for me and for many people. It was a sign.” words were included.

It was noted that De Wildt, who mentioned that a large amount of gold was brought to the Netherlands from South Africa and Suriname during the periods when the car was made, applied to research institutes to determine the origin of the gold in the car.

In the statement, it was stated that the stone scientist Professor Gareth Davies from Vrije Amsterdam University, who carried out the study, stated that “After the discovery of gold in Suriname in 1876, a large amount of gold here was brought to the Netherlands” , while it was thought that the gold came from the Brokopondo region near the Suriname River.

On the other hand, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Liesje Schreinemacher will pay a 2-day visit to their former colony, Suriname. This is the first prime minister-level visit to Suriname after 14 years of absence.


Activists opposed the use of the automobile because of the Dutch’s role in the slave trade and colonial history.

It was stated that the car in the Amsterdam museum will be exhibited in a public part of the museum after the King’s statement.

The “Golden Car”, which will not be used in the ceremonies of the Royal family for a while, was given a comprehensive care after it was last used in the ceremonies in 2015.


Dutch Ruler Willem-Alexander, in his statement in January 2022, stated that he would not use the “Golden Car” he had been riding in official ceremonies for a while, as there were photographs on it that reminded him of the colonial history of the netherlands

The King stated that the “Golden Car”, which caused controversy in the country, would not be used until “the Netherlands is ready for this situation”.

On the left side of the car is a photo of black and Asian people offering a treat to a white young lady representing the Netherlands.

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