Business is booming.

The mint will be able to go to the direct supply route in the purchase of goods and services and production works.

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With the President’s Decision published in the Official Gazette, “The Procedure and Principles for Amending the Procedures and Originals of the Tenders to be Made within the Scope of Item (b) of the 3rd Element of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734 by the General Directorate of Mint and Stamp Printing House” of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. it was decided.

the procedures and principles to be applied in the procurement of goods, service procurement and production to be made from domestic and/or foreign real and legal persons in the country or abroad within the scope of the Public Procurement Law have been determined by the General Directorate. In this context, in the event that situations not foreseen by the General Directorate units arise, on the condition that the written relationship is arranged and the proof documents are kept for the proof of the situation in question, the production work is essential with the goods and service purchases, or the goods and services purchases and production works for the urgent needs that do not have enough time for the implementation of the bargaining procedure. can be supplied.

Bid letters and annexed schedules can be prepared in Turkish lira or foreign currency, excluding value added tax, and the payment can be made in that currency.

In the amounts to be accepted as temporary and final guarantees, Turkish currency in circulation, letters of guarantee given by banks, State Domestic Debt Securities and documents issued in place of these bills, and surety bills issued within the scope of surety insurance by insurance companies residing in Turkey will be accepted as collateral.

In purchases, temporary and performance bonds can be issued indefinitely.

In the tenders for the purchase of coin stamps based on the Turkish lira, the price difference can be paid according to the basis specified in the contract with the administrative specification for the work.

Additional price difference can be calculated in accordance with the Public Procurement Contracts Law No. 4735, which was put into effect with the Presidential Decree No. and/or these contracts are transferable.

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