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The Ministry of Commerce warned about hotels: Pay attention to social media, messages and e-mails!

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With the approach of summer, consumers are faced with heavy advertising and promotion activities carried out by organizations operating in the tourism sector.

There are some items to consider before choosing a holiday.

It is seen that consumers are victimized by copying the photos and names of the websites of hotels and tourism facilities, which are preferred by consumers, and with attractive offers via e-mails and short notices.

For this reason, consumers who will make holiday reservations should pay attention to some issues in order not to experience victimization.

According to this, “the accuracy of the facility photos, corporate logos and signs in the content of the offer received through communication channels such as social media, short message or e-mail should be checked.”

Before the purchase decision, it should be questioned whether the preferred travel agency or tourism facility is registered with the relevant public institutions and organizations. Consumers can inquire whether travel agencies and tourism facilities have documents, and how many stars the tourism facilities have at the addresses “” and “”.

Especially in the contracts signed by intermittent way, it should be checked that the websites of the travel agency or tourism facility include address, title and connection information and that the websites are registered in the Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBIS) ). “It is important that travel agencies prefer their own website instead of sales made through social media and pay attention to these issues when making payments.”


Consumers may not be able to participate in the package types they book early due to problems experienced by a team in the ordinary course of life. In such cases, the consumer has the right to terminate the package variety agreement.

The consumer has the right to terminate the package variety contract and to receive a refund without any deduction for the package type price, excluding legal obligations such as obligatory tax, provided that he notifies at least 30 days before the start of the package type, in writing or with a permanent data store.

If the notice of termination is made less than 30 days before the start of the package medicine, a certain amount or rate can be deducted, as long as it is specified in the package type contract.

Provided that the compulsory insurance decisions of the Travel Agencies and Travel Agencies Union Law are confidential, the package medicine organizer is held responsible for all kinds of losses incurred by the consumer due to the failure to perform the contract at all or as required. The consumer also has the opportunity to claim appropriate compensation for wasted vacation time.

In addition, it is considered that the insurance voluntary application, which allows the cancellation of the package medicine or hotel accommodation reservation offered to consumers by various travel agencies, without paying a penalty, definitely before the start of the reservation , is for the benefit of the consumers.

On the other hand, there are two authorized institutions in the resolution of personal consumer disputes. These are provincial trade directorates in provinces, consumer arbitration committees established within district governorships in districts, and consumer courts in provinces.

If consumers become victims due to the practices of the companies, they can apply to the consumer arbitral tribunal for disputes that are less than 15 thousand 430 liras for this year, and to the consumer court for disputes with a price of 15 thousand 430 liras and above, in order to compensate their losses.

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