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‘The main danger in spring allergy is non-flowering plants’

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It has been announced that the main danger in spring allergy, which occurs with the secretion of some elements by the pollen that enters the body of those who have an allergic reaction, is non-flowering plants. Stating that the discomfort manifests itself with the expansion of capillaries in the nose and eyes, swelling of the tissues and nasal congestion, Op. Dr. Deniz Dilek made statements about the course, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Giving information about the symptoms of the disease, Dilek said that sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion, tearing and itching in the eyes, coughing, swelling and bruising of the eyes, tiredness during the day and especially frequent scratching of the nose in children. He reminded that he showed himself with bleeding.

Dilek, “The development of the symptoms we mentioned in the spring months, such as March and April. It is certain that these symptoms increase in the environments, decrease or disappear in some places. On examination, edema and color changes in the nose, blue-violet circles under the eyes, are usually enough.” he said he


Emphasizing that care should be taken not to go out especially during the hours when pollen is heavy, Dilek said, “Breathing through the nose to benefit from the effect of cleaning and humidifying the air instead of mouth breathing. Wearing long-sleeved clothes outside, washing clothes and taking a shower when returning to the house, doing sports indoors, not being outside in windy weather. Drying the clothes inside during the pollen season is another issue that needs attention,” he said.

, “Plants emit pollen to reproduce, so we are not exposed to the pollen of flowering plants because their pollen is carried by insects. Flowerless plants, on the other hand, spread their pollen through the wind, so the main danger is clusterless plants.


In addition to the issues to be avoided in the treatment of the disease, Dilek drew attention to drug treatment under the supervision of a physician and continued as follows:

“This will make the process easier in this season. Vaccine treatments also harden pollen allergy with tests and severe allergy symptoms. It has started to be a very effective formula in patients living in a fit form.”

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