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The journey of white gold to the tables has begun

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Produced annually 25-30 thousand tons in Osmancık district, rice is the source of livelihood of thousands of families. The ‘Osmancık 97’ rice produced in the district meets 5 percent of the country’s rice need. Paddy, one of Osmancık’s precious income sources, is referred to as ‘diamond’ or ‘white gold’. The painstaking work of rice producers to grow rice begins with the preparation of the field in the last weeks of May. Farmers planting rice (unhulled rice) seeds first prepare the fields in their fields, which they call kashan, for planting with the help of agricultural tools. Afterwards, the farmers, who ensure that the whole field retains water by pouring water into the sheds they have prepared, scatter the paddy and bring it together with the soil when the fields become completely swampy. Rice, which continues its development by using oxygen dissolved in water, is cleaned after a period of time to prevent it from being invaded by weeds while being sprayed against diseases.


This is how the journey of rice, known as the only grain that grows in water, begins. The fields are always submerged under water while the paddy is grown, which completes its cultivation and spike maturity in about 5 months. Paddy that has reached reasonable maturity is then harvested by combines and dried. In the last stage, the paddy that is sold to rice mills is separated from their husk and bran with a special effort and turned into rice. Rice, which makes its producers smile with its harvest, adds flavor to the palate when it comes to the table. Noting that the 2020 paddy harvest period has begun, paddy trader Mustafa History stated that people prefer Osmancık97 rice because of its quality. The past has said that Turkey’s best quality paddy is grown in the Kızılırmak press.


Stating that the yield was low this year, albeit a little, due to the adverse weather conditions, History said, “There is a decrease in the yield due to the climate conditions. Our new crop of paddy this year has arrived at the factory. We are hopeful. Our aim is to present our high quality rice in a form that will make our customers happy, befitting the name and brand of Osmancık.”


Osmancık Chamber of Agriculture Leader Ali Osman Şahiner wished for a productive period and said, “We have started the 2020 paddy harvest period. We hope that this year’s production will be a happy period for our farmers. Osmancık97 paddy is a world brand paddy variety that is now planted all over the world. and it has become a sought-after paddy brand. I wish our farmers good luck in the new period. I hope it will be a fruitful and beneficial year. Our paddy is ordinary this year, we expect a yield of 800-900 kilograms per acre as its claim. We expect its yield in moderate conditions. Good luck to our country and our farmers in our new paddy production period,” he said.

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