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The Future Party hosted the 6-way table in Rize

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The provincial leaders of the parties that formed the 6 Table in Rize came to a head in the Provincial Presidency of the Future Party.

Ajans Pazar / RİZE (İGFA) – After the meeting at the Future Party Provincial Presidency in Rize, the leaders presented the ‘Tea Law Draft’ prepared and presented to the parliament by AK Party deputies on ballot box security in the upcoming general elections and tea farming, which is the main source of income for Rize and its surrounding provinces. made a joint statement about

In the statement, the party leaders, who prepared the reports on election security and ballot box assignments and made the reports from the organizations more expensive, announced that they had achieved the goals determined in the studies, and that they would soon move to the second step in the studies.

Provincial leaders of the Rize organizations, claiming that the AK Party failed in the Tea Law and mocked the citizens, said, “It will protect the producer, make it compulsory to apply the base price for fresh tea, protect ÇAYKUR, do not put contract agriculture on its agenda and protect the state’s protection on tea agriculture. We will enact the law on tea, which does not ignore the private sector who cannot afford it, under our power.”

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