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The flash disk containing the information of 460,000 citizens in Japan was lost

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In Amagasaki Municipality in Hyogo province, a company official who assisted in the distribution of Covid-19 financial supplements lost his bag.

Inside the bag was a flash disk containing the personal information of 460,000 residents registered in Amagasaki.

The company officer reported to the police that he lost the bag after dinner at a restaurant.

It was reported that the disc contained personal information of citizens, including name, address, date of birth, bank account numbers.

There is no evidence that the information on the flash disk protected by an encrypted password was leaked.

Making a statement regarding the incident, the municipality said, “We will ensure the security administration from start to finish in the handling of electronic information. By raising awareness of the value of protecting personal information, we will regain the faith of our citizens.” it was said.

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