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The first measure to be taken for exorbitant housing rents has been determined

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Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ, Deputy Minister of Treasury Yunus Elitaş and bureaucrats from the Ministry of Commerce came together to analyze high housing rents. Minister Institution said that the work would be completed within a week and ten days, and President Erdoğan would announce it.

According to the news of Mithat Yurdakul from the daily Milliyet, according to the study, it will be fundamental not to exceed the rates determined by the monthly inflation calculation of TUIK and determining the maximum increase that can be made to rents.

Landlords who demand higher than usual rents from tenants can be complained by their tenants. A phone limit is expected to be created for this. Housing owners can complain through the line. In addition, tenants will be able to get legal help from experts at the end of the line.

Here, the tenants will get information about how much increase can be made to the house they live in, whether they will have to leave the house if they do not make the desired increase in rent, and what they can do against the high rent demand . For example, it is aimed to implement a complaint system via e-government.

A tax inspection will be carried out on the Treasury leg of the precautionary mechanism against rents. If it is determined that the owners of the houses do not declare their rental income even though their income has passed the end of the declaration, it is planned to collect the taxes that should be accrued retrospectively.

As a result of the complaints and investigations to be made, the owners of the dwellings, who are determined to have victimized their tenants for reasons such as excessive rent increase, will be followed up.

Other rental properties of these homeowners, which are the subject of the complaint, will be tracked through their subscription information, and whether they engage in illegal rental practices will be monitored.

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