Business is booming.

The first in-shell hazelnuts were purchased from Samsun… The yield of the hazelnut was 54 kg.

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Turkish Grain Board’s Shelled Hazelnut purchase period started in Samsun. The yield of the first hazelnut purchased was 54, and the price was 56.15 TL/kg.

SAMSUN (IGFA) – The Opening of the Shelled Hazelnut Purchase Period was held at Çarşamba Sugar Factory.

Speaking at the opening, TMO Board of Directors Leader and General Manager Ahmet Güldal stated that they have purchased hazelnuts for the first time this year in the sugar factory warehouse in Samsun-Wednesday, “We open more than 50 purchasing points every year in our provinces “We will continue the hazelnut purchase process with more than 70 groups at different points. The harvest has just begun. After the drying process, these purchases will increase even more in the coming weeks,” he said.

Stating that hazelnut purchases will continue with the appointment system 6 days a week, except Sundays, General Manager Güldal said, “We have announced our purchasing criteria. This year, we increased the humidity rate from 6 percent to 6.5 percent so that the producer would not suffer. As TMO, we pay the stock market cut. We hope to realize a healthy sales cycle with the manufacturers with these new studies,” he said.

Güldal also touched upon the points that our producers who want to deliver hazelnuts to the institution should pay attention to.

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