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The first 5 elements of the ‘bag’ law proposal of economics were accepted

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According to the accepted elements, the scope of insurance of deposit and participation funds will be expanded.

The SDIF will ensure not only the amounts of deposits and participation funds, which are related to real persons and are not subject to commercial processes, but also all commercial deposits and participation funds, excluding those related to official institutions, credit institutions and financial institutions. Thus, compliance with EU deposit insurance criteria will be achieved.

In the liquidation of the credit institution for which a bankruptcy decision has not been made or that has entered into voluntary liquidation, the name and the order of the pledged receivables regulated in the Execution and Bankruptcy Law will be valid.

Since the SDIF resources consist of the settlement reserve and the deposit insurance reserve, an arrangement will be made for the payment to be made from the deposit insurance reserve.


Changes will be made in the direction of determining the rules the establishment, operation and control regarding of the technical infrastructure in banks by the SDIF Fund Council. This regulation will enter into force 3 months after its publication.

With the proposal, deposits and participation funds that are not covered by the insurance are also determined. In this context, deposits and participation funds and other accounts relating to the controlling shareholders or qualified shareholders of the relevant credit institution, the legal individuals under their control, the father, spouse and under custody of the real person controlling shareholders; deposit and participation funds and other accounts related to the leader and members of the administration or the council of directors, the general manager and his assistants, and the legal persons and partnerships controlled by them individually or jointly, as well as the mother, father, spouse and children under custody of the relevant credit institution; Other deposits, participation funds and accounts determined by the Fund Council by taking the opinion of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Committee (BDDK) will not be subject to insurance.


The distribution of duties in the administrative structure of the SDIF will be changed through new offices to be established in order to carry out the increasing workload actively and in a way that will accelerate the processes, and the number of directorates will be increased due to neediness .

Deputy Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Haydar Akar gave the middle to the merger after the 5 elements of the proposal were accepted. After Akar did not take the place of the Board after the middle, the meeting was closed to meet at 15.00 on May 24.

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