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The eye of Mars is out!

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A new crater on the planet was reflected in the camera of the European Space Agency ESA’s ‘Mars Express’ spacecraft.

The new image, taken by a spacecraft orbiting Mars, revealed a frightening eye-like crater on the Red Planet.

According to scientists, new satellite images may help to better understand the geography and history of Mars.

The 30 kilometer diameter crater is located in the southern hemisphere of Mars in an area known as Aonia Terra. The newly discovered crater is also not far from the 200-kilometer-long Lowell Crater.

According to the news reported by ScienceAlert, Lowell and many of the other craters in the region are thought to have been carved by large impacts about 4 billion years ago, in the period called the early Solar System.

It is hypothesized that the eponymous eye crater was probably formed by rivers of liquid water flowing on the surface billions of years ago.

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