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The expert explained: 10-15 percent water loss can take the child to heavy care

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Ext. Dr. Mehmet Güneş made statements about summer diarrhea in children with the warming of the weather. Stating that children will go out and sweat with the coming of summer, Güneş said, “Summer diarrhea starts in this way. The biggest difference of summer diarrhea from others; A large percentage of 95 percent do not have a specific treatment. For us, the most valuable element in diarrhea is to eliminate fluid loss. 10 percent loss is not very valuable for us, but 10-15 percent loss in a small child can cause the baby to be hospitalized in intensive care. Liquid loss and electronic loss should be prevented.


Stating that families should pay attention, Güneş said, “The number, frequency and consistency of diarrhea are very valuable in summer diarrhea. In the meantime, the child’s loss of appetite, dry mouth, low urine output, these indicate fluid loss. The most important feature that distinguishes it from other diarrheas is that they do not cause too much fever and vomiting. Specifically, it is the consumption of fluid loss and salt loss in children.”


Explaining the features that distinguish summer diarrhea from other diarrheas, Güneş said: occurs with. This occurs mostly in the summer. It is mild as a symptom of other diarrheas, but the lack of a treatment as a treatment puts us in a situation. Diarrhea is defined as watery yellow stools that occur 4-5 times a day. Our mothers should definitely apply to the hospital if the diarrhea lasts for 2 days and if they have fever and vomiting. Summer diarrhea is mostly yellow. The diarrhea we fear is bloody diarrhea. If there is blood in the diarrhea, it should come sooner,” he said.


Also making explanations about how children should be fed, Güneş said, “First of all, they need to take plenty of water. It should prevent salt loss. Children’s favorite thing is pretzels. Rotavirus is the most common in children of preventing rotavirus is the vaccine. Route has a vaccine, too. It is done orally. Diarrhea is more common between 6 months and 2 years of age. Diarrhea is the leading cause of death in infants aged 0-1 in Turkey. We do not want our babies to die from a very easy disease.”

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