The expected update for Pixel phones has been released: Here are the details

pixel telefonlar icin beklenen guncelleme yayinlandi163769 0 some Google Pixel An update has been released that fixes the rapid battery consumption and overheating problems experienced by its users. It has been confirmed that the source of the problem affecting the Pixel 6 and 7 series is the Google application.

Google confirmed that the backend change to the Google app is causing battery drain on a subset of Android devices. According to the community’s notification, the item that causes rapid battery consumption due to the heating; Google appoutside May 2023 update.

Solved with server side update

Google the problem fixed for all devices it says no random app or system update needed. So, a server-side update that fixes the issue; the user doesn’t need to do any random process.

Google’s statement reads: “The recent backend change to the Google app has unintentionally resulted in faster battery drain on a subset of Android devices. We released an update shortly after we became aware of the issue. Affected users will notice that their device is back to normal. This fix does not require an app update.”

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