The data announced before May 19 do not promise a suitable economic future for young people.

In Turkey, young people are always “Guarantee of the Future” their problems in every field from education to employment are increasing exponentially. TURKSTAT announced yesterday “Labor Force Statistics, Q1: January-March, 2023”The details of the report give important clues on this issue before the 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day.

According to the report, the narrowly defined unemployment rate among youth (15-24 years) was 19.9 percent in the first quarter, adjusted for seasonal effects. This rate was 19 percent in the previous quarter (October-December 2022). The number of unemployed is 1 million 77 thousand people. The unemployment rate rose to 15.6 percent for men and 27.6 percent for women. The employment rate among young people also fell from 37.3 percent to 36.6 percent.


Also, the public “idle”what he called “neither in education nor employment”number of young people 2 million 657 thousand person, the rate of this was 22.4 percent. 978 thousand of these young people are men and 1 million 679 thousand are women. In this context, the number of university graduates in this situation is 397 thousand, the rate is 30.9 percent.

On the other hand, the data of TUIK tells the following in terms of the entire population (15+ years):

  • Broad definition increased: In January-March 2023, the narrowly defined unemployment rate decreased by 0.3 points compared to the previous quarter and became 9.9 percent. This rate is 8.2 percent for men and 13.4 percent for women. The number of unemployed is 3 million 483 thousand people. The broadly defined unemployment rate rose from 20.8 percent to 22.4 percent. This rate is 18.2 percent for men and 29.8 percent for women.
  • 1.7 million desperate: In Turkey, 30 million 569 thousand people are not counted in the workforce. In this context, 1 million 711 thousand people define themselves as “without hope of finding a job”. 817 thousand of these people are men and 894 thousand of them are women.
  • Women in housework:Again, 9 million 290 thousand people, all of whom are women, who are not counted for the workforce, are “busy to housework.”
  • Unregistered rose: The number of unregistered workers in Turkey was calculated as 7 million 685 thousand people. This number was 7 million 580 thousand people in January-March 2022. Among the wage earners, there are 2 million 778 thousand unregistered workers.


DISK Research Center(DİSK-AR) reported the actual (registered and full-time employment) status of employment in Turkey by calculating on the January-March 2023 data of TurkStat.

According to DİSK-AR, only 22.1 million of 65.2 million people of working age (15+ years) in Turkey are in formal and full-time employment (KATI). On the other hand, according to TUIK, the total number of employment is 31 million 558 thousand people. Again, according to DİSK-AR’s calculations, only 6.3 million of the 32.9 million women of working age are in the status of KATI. Of the 32 million men of working age, 15.7 million are employed in this way.

In addition, while the employment rate is 48.4 percent in general, 31.2 percent in women and 66 percent in men, according to TÜİK, DİSK-AR calculated the KATİ rates as 33.9 percent for general, 19.3 percent for women, 48.8 percent for men. As it is known, KATI aims to reveal how much of the employment is insured and working full time.

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