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The court found Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality justified in Validebağ

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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality fined Üsküdar Municipality with a fine of 270 thousand liras for pouring excavations into the Validebağ Grove without permission.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) fined Üsküdar Municipality 270 thousand liras for dumping excavations in Validebağ Grove. The lawsuit filed by Üsküdar Municipality, which brought the fine imposed by the Metropolitan Municipality to the court, was rejected by the Istanbul 7th Administrative Court.

Announcing the court’s decision on his social media account, the Head of the Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization Gürkan Akgün said, “We had a detection and punishment process in Validebağ in September 2021, despite the spillage of illegal excavation soil. In the case brought by the district municipality to the IMM, the court confirmed our rightness and rejected the case. The essence of the word is that Koru cannot be interfered with without permission, which will disrupt the ecological balance!” said.


The court decided that the penalty imposed on Üsküdar Municipality by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was generic and rejected the objection of the district municipality.

Regarding the outcome of the case, the 7th Istanbul Administrative Court included the following terms in its decision:

“As it is clearly understood from the minutes prepared by the defendant administration and the photographs submitted to the documents, that excavation soil was spilled without permission on the pathway located in the Validebağ grove, it is clear that the plaintiff is subject to an administrative fine in accordance with Article 20 (r) of the Law No. 2872 for spilling excavation soil in the above-mentioned area without permission. There is no opposition to the law in the process at issue.”


As it will be remembered, on September 21, 2021, Üsküdar municipality entered the Validebağ Grove, which is a natural protected area, with construction equipment and poured sand and excavations into the area. Following this development, in which the citizens reacted, many citizens began to stand guard in the region. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, on the other hand, fined 270 thousand liras for the Üsküdar Municipality to pour excavations into the special protected area. Üsküdar Municipality filed a claim against İBB by objecting to the sentence, which is the subject of speech. The Istanbul Executive 7th Court, which handled the case, found the administrative fine imposed by the IMM to Üsküdar Municipality completely legal and rejected the request of Üsküdar Municipality to appeal the sentence.

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