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The cost of sacrifice skins is 500 million TL

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Noting that one third of the animals in Turkey were slaughtered during the Eid al-Adha, Turkish Leather Manufacturers Association (TDSD) Leader Burak Uyguner said, “The holiday period is a very valuable period for the leather industry. It is a time when we meet our raw material needs.

The sacrifice needs to be cut and swim in truth. Then the salting process should be done and shipped to the tanneries quickly,” he said.

Indicating that the victim skins should be salted and delivered to the institution that can reserve them as soon as possible, Uyguner said, “When we don’t do this, we waste the raw material. Putting the leather in a nylon bag and waiting for 3 days and then shipping it will ruin the work and make it unusable.”

Explaining that they predicted that approximately 1 million cattle will be slaughtered during Kurban Bayram, Uyguner said:

“The approximate raw cost of animal skins slaughtered during the Eid al-Adha is around 500 million TL. After these are processed, the added value goes up to 5 billion TL.

Talking about the value of sacrificial skins, Uyguner said, “After salting, 40 kilograms of leather comes out from an average of 500 kilograms of cattle. The market equivalent of this is currently around 650-700 TL. We don’t know what the pricing will be in the market this year for Natural.”

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