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The climate change journey from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean has been completed

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The “We Are Sailing For The Future” team, which set out from Hopa port on April 22 to draw attention to climate change, completed its journey in Arsuz, Hatay, by crossing the Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

ISTANBUL IGFA- European Climate Pact Turkey Ambassador Utku Gümrükçü, set off from Hopa district of Artvin with the aim of minimum Carbon Footprint, the “We Sail for the Future” team sailed only by sailboat without consuming packaged food and without using a motor, in Samsun, Bandırma, It reached the Arsuz district of Hatay on the 23rd day after Çeşme, Bodrum, Marmaris and Mersin. The team, Arsuz Municipality Leader Dr. Asaf İnanç, Expo Hatay 2021 Secretary General İhsan Çakar and citizens of Arsuz were greeted with Turkish flags and a marching band. Leader İnanç presented flowers to the group due to their sensitivity.


European Climate Pact Turkey Ambassador and Çiğli Municipality Leader Utku Gümrükçü called the “We are sailing for the future” team within the scope of the CHP Headquarters visit and had them meet with CHP General Leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. Kılıçdaroğlu, who had an image meeting with the sailing team on the Black Sea stage of the trip, said, “It’s time to turn our spring into summer. Now it’s dawn for Turkey! The sun is rising, hope is blooming. We are conscious of our responsibility to deliver a livable world to future generations. As living and non-living beings, we are part of an ecosystem. The right to be born into a world with a healthy functioning ecosystem is the right of generations who are not born now. In the light of the understanding of ‘Sustainable Life’, we will guarantee this right under the Constitution. I hope this action and effort you show will increase our awareness as a country”.


European Climate Pact Turkey Ambassador and Çiğli Municipality Leader Utku Gümrükçü, who went to Marmaris with the sailboat, said that the team is from Artvin. He delivered 1000 pine seeds and cones he brought to Marmaris Municipality Leader Mehmet Oktay for planting in areas damaged by forest fires last year.


We are sailing for the future Leader Utku Gümrükçü, Cesme Municipality Leader Ekrem Oran and Marmaris Municipality Leader Mehmet Oktay, who supported the sailing group during the trip, and Mehmet Oktay , one of the reels that were broken during the cruise. presented plaques made by recycling.


We are sailing for the future group will deliver the water samples they have taken to the relevant authorities for scientific investigations after traveling from different points of the Black Sea, Marmara , Aegean and Mediterranean Seas along the route. When the research is completed, the results will be shared with the public.


Expressing that the “We are Sailing for the Future” trip will contribute to social awareness on climate change, Leader Customsman said, “Experiencing rapid climate change is the future of our world. poses a risk. In order not to remain silent about this problem, we started our sailing trip from Hopa on April 22 for the Future. We left the four seas behind. We have implemented various social responsibility practices in different cities. I would like to thank the General Leader of the CHP, Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who did not leave our team alone throughout the trip, our municipal leaders and volunteers. This trip was a valuable step towards increasing our society’s awareness of climate change, recycling, reducing carbon emissions and consuming packaged food. We will continue to protect our country’s water, air, forest and all its natural beauties in order to leave a livable world to future generations.

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