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The business world of Turkey and Algeria text in Istanbul

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The Foreign Economic Links Council (DEIK) brought the business world of Turkey and Algeria together in Istanbul for more trade. President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria Abdulmecid Tebbun, TR Deputy President Fuat Oktay, TR Minister of Power and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez, DEİK Leader Nail Olpak, Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI) Leader Tayeb Chebab, DEİK/Turkey-Algeria Business Board Leader Mesut Toprak In the Turkey-Algeria Business and Investment Forum, which was held with the participation of Djellal Serandi, the Leader of the Algeria-Turkey Business Board, and business people, mutual trade and investment opportunities were discussed at the bilateral business meetings held under the housing ownership of DEİK.

ISTANBUL IGFA- Algerian President Abdulmecid Tebbun, inviting investment in Turkish business people, said, “I signed a series of agreements with my brother President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara the previous day. These agreements are very valuable for our business people of the two countries. We are two countries that have been friends and brothers for 60 years. As Algeria, we are open to everything with Turkey in the fields of trade and investment. We want to increase our cooperation in agriculture, weaving, machinery and all other sectors. While maximizing our diplomatic relations, we are opening new horizons in trade that will protect investors. We are now speaking from a new Algeria for Turkish business people. As an Algeria where transparent and halal interests are protected, we are with you. We want Algeria and Turkey to win together and complete the economic integration. With President Erdogan, we are rapidly forming the new legal basis for the protection and continuity of investors. Algeria is in a great leap forward and its economy is at a very high level. We can work together in areas such as defense industry, maritime, agriculture and food. In this bet, even if our business people want to invest, we will provide all the conveniences. I invite Turkish business people to invest in Algeria. Let’s invest,” he said.


for all investors Vice President Fuat Oktay, who stated that it is a solid and solid base, said, “With this visit, which was made to our country at the Presidential level after 17 years, our bilateral relations are entering a new and productive phase. The High Level Cooperation Board, the first meeting of which was held with great success, forms the basis for sustainable cooperation on a win-win basis. regret it’. On the other hand, we are trying to create a green finance ecosystem in line with our goal of net zero emissions for 2053 and our green transformation vision. In this regard, all of our relevant institutions continue to work towards the establishment of the necessary infrastructure in their ow n fields. Turkey, which is a credible and strong base for all investors, and our business people, who are famous for their prestige, have valuable potential for new cooperation with Algeria.

We do not see Algeria as a market, but as one of our most valuable trade and production partners in the region. We are aware that Algeria has a key value in establishing and maintaining peace and tranquility in the Maghreb region and the African continent. Completion of the preparations for the ‘Preferential Trade Agreement (TTA), which has a wide range of works, which was first brought to the agenda at the Joint Economic Committee Meeting held in November last year after 9 years of absence, and which was priced in the meetings between the delegations yesterday, The course of our cooperation will certainly deepen when the draft of the Agreement on Mutual Promotion and Protection of Investments (YKTK) is finalized in a short time, joint work on information projects such as e-Government, cyber security and smart cities is completed.


Algeria’s desire to diversify its economy and its private section strengthen , which emphasizes that Algerians know what they know, DEİK Nail Olpak; “At this point, both the increase of our investments in Algeria and the investments of Algerian companies in our country are valuable. We were together at the Business Forum in Algeria on the occasion of our President’s visit in January 2020. We were in Ankara yesterday too. I wish the agreements signed in the middle of Turkey and Algeria to be good. Turkish contracting sector realized a project worth 20 billion dollars in Algeria. In addition to closing last year in a very successful form, we have a target of 10 billion dollars bilateral trade volume ahead of us. It is up to our business world, which is in this hall, to realize this. In this process, I would like to share 3 valuable points that I think will open the way for us. Facilitating long-term visas for Turkish business people is a very valuable issue. In the field of banking, encouraging the cooperation between the banks of the two countries will further open the way for the business world. I would like to add one thing. It is known how valuable information and network are, especially in today’s world. As DEİK, we are always ready to open our entire network of 148 Business Boards, 45 of which are in Africa, to our friends. As the business people of the two brotherly countries, our hearts always meet at one point, and we do not see any obstacles in order to improve our trade and investment connections.”

Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI) Leader Tayeb Chebab, on the other hand, stated that with stability and security, Algeria is now a very suitable place for investments, and cooperation should be carried out in a coordinated manner. He said development is valuable. Emphasizing that there are great political and economic changes in the world, Chebab said, “The authorities of both countries provide us with great opportunities. What is valuable here is to put them into practice and to establish partnerships.”


DEİK/Turkey-Algeria Business Board Leader Mesut Toprak, as the business world, made high level visits and business visits to this medicine. Stating that they attach great importance to the forums, he said, “This way, we can both explain ourselves, convey our issues to you, and hear first-hand the messages that you will give and that we think will open the way for the business world. 150 Turkish and 146 Algerian business people participate in this meeting we held today. After the speeches, business people from both countries “As the Turkish business world, we attach importance to cooperation with Algeria in all branches of industry, especially power and mining. We believe that we will create a great synergy in the trade of the two countries.”

Algeria -Turkey Business Board Leader Djellal Serandi, on the other hand, stated that the trade volume between the two countries increased to 5 billion despite the epidemic. Stating that r is dollars, he said, “This is actually less than the potential of the two countries. There are 1,400 Turkish companies in Algeria. Algeria is Turkey’s second largest partner in Africa. We are Turkey’s 4th largest natural gas supplier. We do these on a grand level. Turkey’s position on zoning is very good. From here, I would like to thank our President and ministers for the new investment law. Because it brought great convenience to investors,” he said.

After the opening speeches of the forum, bilateral trade and investment opportunities were discussed in the bilateral business meetings held with the participation of Turkish and Algerian business people. Turkey -Algeria Business and Investment Forum was held under the sponsorship of Tay Küme, Tosyalı Holding, Dekinsan, Hayat Holding, Makyol İnşaat, Aksa Power Generation, Albaraka and Mapa İnşaat.

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