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Terrorists’ lairs are being cleaned in Claw Lock

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While the Ministry of National Defense shared images from the operation in which the terrorist dens were cleared, it also gave information about the seized materials.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Hero Mehmetciks continue to enter the caves, bunkers and shelters used by terrorists one by one.

Announcing that a large number of weapons and ammunition related to Terrorists were seized in Operation Claw-Lock, the Ministry of National Defense stated that they are always at the command of their nation and at the head of their mission, and listed those seized during the search and scanning activities carried out in the operation area.

In the middle of the seized materials; 1 RPG-7 rocket launcher, 6 AK-47 infantry rifles and 58 magazines, 2 antipersonnel mines, 74 grenades, 30 81 mm mortar ammunition, 2,000 5.56 mm ammunition, 500 12.7 mm ammunition Doçka machine gun ammunition, 30 pieces of RPG -7 rocket launcher ammunition and 44 pieces of propellant cartridges, 50 pieces of push mechanism, 50 pieces of Alpha-fire devices, 2.000 pieces of electric detonators, 2 pieces of plastic explosives, 1 piece of 7.62 mm PKMS machine gun barrel , 1 x thermal scope, 2 x Zagros sniper scopes, 2 x Dragunov sniper gun scopes, 1 x night vision scope, 1 x thermal scope, 2 x Yaesu vehicle radios, 8 x Yaesu handheld radios, 14 x gas masks It has been recorded that there are 16 oxygen cylinders, 3 solar panels and a large amount of life material.

The Ministry also shared images of the operation.

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