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“Terrorist” reaction from Russia to Lithuania

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There was a reaction from Russia to the decision on the side of the Lithuanian parliament that recognized Russia as a “terrorist supporter” last Monday.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova told the Russian media that Lithuania’s decision to declare Russia a “state that supports and practices terrorism” is provocative and extremist.

Maria Zaharova, expressing that Lithuania is not worried about the loss of life in the 8-year-old war in the Donbass region of Ukraine, “If Lithuania were concerned about the fate of both Ukraine and the entire European continent, it would be necessary for the Kyiv regime to implement the Minsk agreements. He would raise his voice, and probably at least once in the last 8 years, he would have voiced his concern about this issue,” he said.


Zaharova also said, “If the authorities in Lithuania were sincere in their call for a ceasefire and their wish to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, they would have blocked the arms supply. Instead, they are doing the opposite. it should be seen as an element of provocation, extremism and political hypocrisy.”

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