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Tent camp for TEKNOFESTs

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Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of TEKNOFEST preparations, created a camping area of ​​300 tents for visitors from outside the province. The municipality took all necessary precautions by allocating the Doğupark Amphitheater area.

SAMSUN (IGFA) – Preparations of the Metropolitan Municipality continue day and night in Samsun, which will host TEKNOFEST, Turkey’s first local and national festival in aviation, space and technology. The municipality, which has completed its infrastructure investments at Çarşamba Airport, where the festival will be held in the middle of August 30 – September 4, continues to work on accommodation. Approximately 2 million visitors from the city and abroad are expected to attend the festival, which will last for 5 days.


The Metropolitan Municipality has also created a free camping area for visitors who want to stay in tents. The municipality, which chose the East Park Amphitheater area to be close to the rail system Municipal Housing Station and the concert area, has come to an end in its preparations here.


Considering every detail for the comfort of its guests, the Metropolitan Municipality creates a canteen for men and women showers, toilets and basic food needs in the theater area. The municipality, which overhauls the electrical installations, will provide security during the camp with the police teams. In addition, the ambulance will be kept waiting in cooperation with the Health Directorate.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which provides all the equipment that will be needed in the tent camp, has started to receive applications. Applications will be made online by filling out the Analysis Center Form in the Samsun Portable Application.

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