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Teachers demand the return of Melih Gökçek’s discounted transportation right

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Union Union Teachers’ Office made a statement in front of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality yesterday, demanding the return of the discounted transportation right, which was abolished by former leader Melih Gökçek in 2015. Union members, who opened banners “We want a humane price, discounted transportation”, carried banners with the words “We came on foot, we will return with a discount”, “Transportation discount is our right” and “We are also teachers”.

After the announcement, the Teachers’ Office delivered the collected and signed petitions to ABB’s document unit. The statement of the Union Union Teachers Bureau is as follows:


“We know; When private schools-colleges are mentioned, education and training purchased for hundreds of thousands of liras, buildings with private security, luxury vehicles waiting at the door, so to speak, a sparkling photograph comes to mind. However, all this glittering image is in stark contrast to the lifetime effort given by the teachers working in these institutions! insufficient prices at levels that can enable us to survive. As if that wasn’t enough, employers pay us three cents; It demands that we wear branded clothes, new shoes, go to the hairdressers, use quality perfumes. However, today we even fill our stomachs with boredom.


While we all start each new day with a new increase in the current cost of living conditions; When we say it was rent, bills, kitchen expenses, our prices fly away the day we buy them. Although we attend online meetings in the evenings in many institutions and come to the weekends, our additional course prices and overtime are not paid. In many institutions, we are expected to commute to and from workplaces by our own means. While we are crushed under all this livelihood anxiety; We are forced to work under these conditions due to the high cost of living and the rush of unemployment. And we know that no one naturally gives us what is rightfully ours, unless we come to a middle ground. Now we, teachers of private institutions, are coming to a middle under the umbrella of the Union Union.


In the face of all these conditions, we appeal to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality; Listen to the right voice of us private institution teachers, who come to the fore in the Union Union and make an effort against all these impositions that employers impose on us. We should also be given the right to use municipal vehicles at a discount, which is given to teachers working in the public sector! The current practice, which is against the principle of constitutional equality, must be ended as soon as possible! This unequal practice that was put into effect during the previous mayor’s reign must be put to an end! It means returning the discounted transportation right of teachers working in private institutions; For us, it means being able to buy two more loaves of bread every day! We demand that the unlawful practice of Melih Gökçek, who took away our right to benefit from discounted transportation by not counting us as teachers, be reversed and that our discounted transportation right be returned by the current administration. We are teachers too! Discounted transportation is our right!”

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