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Tea producers shouted their wishes: ‘Let the base price be 10 TL’

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CHP Rize Provincial Presidency held a press release to draw attention to the economic thoughts experienced by tea producers. CHP Rize Provincial Leader Saltuk Deniz pointed out that tea producers could not apply fertilizer to tea gardens due to the increased fertilizer prices by more than 300 percent. Saltuk said, “Our tea producers are in great distress due to high inflation and increases. For this reason, the tea branch is a sector that needs to be supported immediately.”

Deniz listed the demands of tea producers as follows: The purchase price of fresh tea should be at least 10 TL per kilogram, with support. Fertilizer support costs should be at least 250 TL per acre. A base price should be applied and purchases below the announced purchase price of tea should be prohibited, and tea producers should be paid the inflation difference. Let it be removed from the ÇAYKUR Wealth Fund.”

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