TBB Secretary General Veli Küçük: Every school will have a lawyer

Türkiye bar associationAnd Istanbul Bar AssociationAs in the first round, the second round, which is 8 days away, will also work on ballot box security. Republic,He spoke with the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and Istanbul Bar Association regarding the measures to be taken by bar associations on election day.

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Attorney Veli Küçük, Secretary General of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations, “Works are carried out within a framework in connection with our bar associations. We organized a training program with our friends who work here. We prepared and distributed a guide on selection. On May 14, we established an election security center with approximately 50 colleagues and gave information. We will do the same in the presidential elections on May 28.”said.

He ended his little speech as follows: “The process in which more than 10 thousand of our colleagues take part in the field across Turkey will continue on May 28. Each school will have a lawyer. Our bar associations will continue to be on the field by giving our colleagues an observer card stating that they are an officer of the bar association.”

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Lawyer, member of the Istanbul Bar Association Board of Directors, describing the work of the Istanbul Bar Association on ballot box security. Huseyin Koprulualso, “Until now, a lawyer was appointed in every school in Turkey. He could also take part in the ballot boxes if he wanted to. There are 1968 schools in Istanbul. Therefore, we want to assign at least two of our colleagues to all of these schools. Regarding this, we open an application screen through our own system. We will assign our colleagues who apply from there. There was a call center we created in the first round. It could be searched from anywhere in Turkey. We will keep that line open again. Maybe we will increase the lines a little more”used the phrases.

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