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Tanju Özcan was referred to the Discipline with a definitive expulsion request.

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At the CHP’s MYK meeting yesterday, it was decided to discipline Bolu Municipality Leader Tanju Özcan with a definite expulsion request.

In his written statement, CHP Deputy General Leader for Local Administrations, Seyit Torun, stated that the attitudes and behaviors put forward by Bolu Municipality Leader Özcan for a while are being followed sensitively by the CHP Headquarters.

Emphasizing that Tanju Özcan was warned many times in this context, according to the news reported by TRT Haber, Torun said, “In addition, a woman was referred to the High Disciplinary Council for the words she used while telling her memory about every fellow countryman and was punished with a ‘warning’. Tanju Özcan’ Following the ‘warning’ sentence, the dialogue, sexist comments and words that he had with a female municipal councilor at the Bolu Municipal Council Meeting held on May 16, 2022 were comprehensively evaluated at the meeting of our Central Administrative Committee on June 13, 2022. In this context, Bolu Municipality Leader Tanju Özcan’ It has been unanimously decided to refer him to the High Disciplinary Council as ‘precautious’ with the request of ‘final dismissal’ due to attitudes and behaviors that are incompatible with the responsibility of the party.


It has been stated that the decision regarding Tanju Özcan has not reached the High Disciplinary Committee now. The High Disciplinary Council, which will convene after the decision is reached, will ask Özcan for his defense regarding the bet. The High Disciplinary Council, which will meet again after Özcan presents his defense, will announce its decision.

Ozcan is prevented from being present in the CHP name due to the “prudent” expulsion request.

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