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Swedish PM: We did not make any concessions to Kakabaveh

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Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson held a press conference after the parliamentary rejection of the no-confidence motion against Justice and Interior Minister Morgan Johansson.

Magdalena Andersson stated that she was pleased that the vote in the motion of no confidence was in Johansson’s favor and said, “We have not made any concessions to Kakabaveh. The Swedish people do not need the political game of those who put a stick in the wheel of the NATO process.”

Andersson, after a journalist reminded of the agreement reached between the Social Democratic Party and Amineh Kakabaveh to reinforce the terrorist organization YPG/PKK, said, “We, as the government, did not make a new agreement with Kakabaveh. We did not make any concessions at random. That agreement was 2 years ago. It was made in the middle of Kakabaveh with the Democratic Party, not a mid-government agreement,” he said.

According to the argument of the Expressen newspaper, the leader of the influential organization in the north of Syria called Kakabaveh and suggested that he should not cause a crisis. Kakabaveh entered the Assembly upon the order and voted. Thanks to Kakabaveh’s 1 vote, Johansson won the vote of faith in parliament.

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