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Suspected Covid-19 incidents in North Korea reach 2.81 million

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un organized a funeral ceremony attended by thousands of people, despite the suspicious Covid-19 events that manifested itself with high fever symptoms.

The state-run Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) announced that large audiences, including more than a thousand officers and soldiers, attended the farewell ceremony of Hyon Chol Hae, the Korean People’s Army Marshal and General Counselor of the Ministry of National Defense, who died on Thursday. It was stated that Jong-un, who was not observed to be wearing a mask in the photographs served, “is experiencing the grief of saying goodbye to a martyr of the revolution that he deeply respects and values” at the funeral. Experts commented that the general who lost his life may have held a state ceremony despite the epidemic, due to the fact that he gave military training to Jong-un.


Approximately 167,000 suspected Covid-19 events recorded in North Korea in the last 24 hours brought the number of potential infections across the country to 2.81 million. With the death of 1 more person due to the epidemic, the loss of life rose to 68. While no clear information on the number of positive patients was shared, it was noted that 2.33 million people got better.

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